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About me

My name is Sebastián Gómez, I am a system and computer engineer and I have a Master's degree in Systems Engineering. I currently work at VMWare as an Engineering Manager for the Tanzu Application Platform, previously I worked for 6 years at Globant as a Frontend and Node.js Technical Manager where I led the area of ​​hybrid and cross-compiled applications.

I am a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, so contact me if you want me to give a talk in your community, university or college. Fill out this form if you are looking for speakers for your next event.

I have participated in a Colombian Startup called SponzorMe alongside Carlos Rojas and I was a participant in Startup Chile despite not having continued with this startup, I am passionate about entrepreneurship and I like to advise and help startups as a technical mentor. I have also worked in American companies such as StudioHyperset in the United States and Measured Medium. My interest and experience is full stack web and mobile development as Front-end with Javascript. I am passionate about developing software, writing code, and teaching what I learn every day.

I have also worked as a professor at different universities in Medellín Colombia, with topics related to Artificial Intelligence, Databases, object-oriented programming, data mining, software development, mobile development, and web development.

I love writing fast code and prototyping in an accelerated way, if you want to see what I do day by day you can take a look at my Codepen:

Every day I try to create or participate in projects, most of them open source, so you can check my GitHub:

My academic research areas are Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Natural Language Processing, Ontologies, Databases, Machine Learning, Trajectory Tracking, and Mathematical Formation Modeling.

These are some of my most recent academic publications:


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