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About me

My name is Sebastián Gómez, and I hold a degree in Systems and Computer Engineering and a Master's in Systems Engineering. Currently, I am an Engineering Manager at VMWare, leading the Tanzu Application Platform team. Before that, I spent six years at Globant as a Technical Manager for Frontend and Node.js, spearheading the hybrid and cross-compiled applications area.

As a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, I love sharing my knowledge. If you would like me to participate in your community, university, or school, please don't hesitate to contact me. To invite me as a speaker for your next event, kindly fill out this form.

I have been part of a Colombian startup called SponzorMe, alongside Carlos Rojas, and participated in Startup Chile. Although I didn't continue with the startup, I remain passionate about entrepreneurship and enjoy advising and assisting other startups as a technical mentor. I have also worked for American companies such as StudioHyperset and Measured Medium. I specialize in full-stack development of web and mobile applications, with a focus on Front-end using JavaScript.

In addition, I have served as a professor at various universities in Medellín, Colombia, teaching subjects related to Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Object-Oriented Programming, Data Mining, Software Development, Mobile Development, and Web Development.

I am passionate about developing software, writing code, and teaching what I learn every day. If you are interested in seeing my daily work, visit my Codepen: I also actively participate in projects, mostly open-source, which you can find on my GitHub:

My academic research areas include Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Natural Language Processing, Ontologies, Databases, Machine Learning, Trajectory Tracking, and Mathematical Modeling of Formations. Below are some of my most recent academic publications:

  • Characterization of the elements of the KAOS goal diagram from natural language
  • Analysis and Detection in V-Formations with Outliers
  • Identification of V-Formations and Circular and Doughnut Formations in a Set of Moving Entities with Outliers
  • Using ontologies for disambiguation of software artifacts. in software requirements elicitation
  • Extraction of goals and their classification in the KAOS model using natural language processing
  • Obtaining Agents and Entities from Natural Language
  • Filtering Word Senses Using the Least Squares Technique for Word Sense Disambiguation
  • A natural language processing model for error detection in software requirements


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